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Lauren Kiddell
Your KGHypnobirthing Teacher

‘I feel so very fortunate to have trained in the
KGHypnobirthing Royal College of midwives accredited course, inspired to
support birthing mothers and their partners in achieving empowerment in their births’

Lauren Kiddell - My Birth Hypnobirthing

Lauren Kiddell - Your KGHypnobirthing Teacher

My Inspiration

Lauren Kiddell KGH HYpnobirthing Teacher

I am a mother of two and before our decision to become parents, I was a very happy Senior Manager driven by the success and achievements of my team.

I have always been passionate about people and since becoming a parent, I am overwhelmed by the passion I have to inspire and share with birthing mothers and their partners, how utterly amazed and proud I am of women's bodies to birth in the way they are designed to do and the priceless memories that this affords.

Becoming a KGHypnobirthing Teacher felt like the perfect way to share this.

I feel so very fortunate to have benefited from attending a
Hypnobirthing course, prior to the birth of my first child, as well as enjoying the empowerment of Hypnobirthing during my second birth.

My Birth Stories

My birth stories, although different are both extremely happy
experiences and still to this day inspire me.

My son was born extremely quickly, almost entirely laboured at home, to arrive into the world at a Birthing Centre. Here I stayed for a brief stay, supported by an amazing team of midwives.

In contrast, the birth of my daughter was in hospital, having been advised that an induction was necessary following a suspected break in my waters.

Despite accepting the first stage of induction, with all observations of baby and myself on track, I chose not to continue with the induction process.  I felt empowered that I had gained the respect and support of the midwives to birth normally, albeit not in my first choice of environment.  I did also finally get the chance to fulfil my wish of a water birth, having missed out with my first birth.

Hypnobirthing gave me the courage and knowledge to make these informed decisions and also importantly my husband the confidence of the birthing process in knowing that our baby and I were safe.

My Birth KGH Hypnobirthing
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